Office: Pangarapilly, Mulanthuruthy P.O, Ernakulam District - 682 314

    Graceland is dedicated to preserving your dignity and independence, while allowing you to indulge in the thrill of cheerful community living.
    Remember those college days, when, without a care, you enjoyed life to the lees? Graceland beckons you with the same heady promise. Set your own rules. Or, pursue the daily routine that you're used to, if you wish so. Wake up to a distant cock-a-doodle-doo and go for a morning jog. Or at sunup, do yoga or meditation. Treat yourself to your own choice diet. If the day seems a bit too sultry, confine to your villa. Or go gaming with friends. Book buffs will find the well-stocked library quite engrossing. Yet, it's the evenings which tend to be boisterous. Daily cultural programmes, cinema, enlightening talks on the many facets of life are set to enrich your life.

    That is not all. A lot of specialties add more spice to your living. 'My Kitchen', an exclusive space in the large kitchen area, allows you the facilities to cook your magic and treat your guests or friends, on that special day. The swank cinema hall, fitted with the latest acoustic gadgets, will transport you to magical tinsel reality.  Visiting guests will find the spacious, stylish lobby and guest-cafeteria  absolutely engaging.  Yes, everything as perfect, complete and full. A dream turned pleasantly real.